Life in The

North Woods

the way life should be


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The Grass grows greener

in the Northwoods of Maine

Steve Madera of

Experience backcountry adventure with friendly dogs  in  the North Woods.

Eric and Kita

December 2005


Cabin One

Phillis Greets  afternoon arrivals. She found a cool spot in the shade to watch tourists.

Moose Cove

Fine day for a shore stroll

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Welcome to my blog: Deep in the North Woods of Maine, Township A Range 12 is home to Maine’s longest running sporting camp. The camps have been continuously operated since 1881, and they has been in Eric’s family for over a century. You may drive right in to the camps summer and winter. Come share our traditions and make your own memories.

West Branch

Pond   Camps


Name: West Branch Pond Camps

Camp folks: Eric Stirling, Mildred Kennedy-Stirling , &

children Avis and Oscar.

The summer adds a great staff eager to share their love of the region and its offerings.

Where: Township A Range 12

Opens: with ice out

Closes: October 1st

Watershed: Pleasant River

Mountain Range: The Appalachian Trail notably White Cap Mt., Shaw Mt., and in the distance Katahdin Mt.

Activities: Leisure and relaxation at the discretion and ability of the guest. Active and passive types find plenty to fill their day.

Favorite Day Trips: moose safari, remote pond trout fishing, Lily Day State Park’s sandy

beach, Hike one of the Spencers or White Cap, Greenville shops (Antiques, collectables and

tourist trappings and lunch spots), My favorites include Kamp Kamp, North Woods, Graves’ seafood (BEST CHOWDAH), Stress

Free Moose, the Maine Fly Shop, and last but not least Indian Hill Trading Post.

Hope to see you, on the sidewalk or in the woods, say hello!

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